Make A Box Valance For A Bed Canopy

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Best Box Valance For A Bed Canopy

Box valance – Create the illusion of a canopy bed with a box valance. A canopy gives a room a cozy feel and the bed seems to be wrapped in a strip of fabric softening of the room and imparting a romantic touch. A box awning cans also masculine appearance through color and material. One nice touch about making your own canopy bed is that you can change the bed design with minimal costs.
Make a box valance for a Bed Canopy – Mark eight spots on the ceiling above the corners of the bed. Drill a hole in all eight brands as you will be using two holes a curtain rod. Install an “S” hook in each hole. Set the soffit on the ironing board. Put the iron on. Run the iron over the valance to eliminate wrinkles and a clear design.
Slide the valance over the metal tube. Arrange the box valance so that the material is evenly distributed. Repeat for all four tubes. Place the side rails on the “S” hooks. Turn on the rear panel to the “S” hooks behind the side valance above the bed next to the wall. Put the last valence, the front, in the final set “S” hooks for the side panels. Dress the bed. Arrange the comforter on the bed. Place the pillows and shams on the bed.

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