Make A Beautiful Design For Wooden Valence

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Antique Wooden Valance

Wooden valance are decorative plates mounted on a window above. They add character and style to a room. Making a wooden soffit may seem like a challenge, but with time, planning and the right tools, this woodworking project to go smoothly and painlessly. Making Your Wood Valance, Use a tape measure to the width and length of the window from which you plan to measure fit the soffit. The valance has to 7 centimeters beyond the width of your window trim.
Wooden valance, Use a tape measure to measure how much space you require window treatments. This measurement will determine the dimensions of the two sides extending from the wall to the end face of the coving, also called the efficiency. Mark the measurements and cut the two back with a circular saw. Cut the MDF along your lines with a circular saw. Use a jigsaw to cut out your traced design.
Apply a bead of wood glue to one edge of the return. Use a tape measure to measure and mark the molding pieces equal to the length of the top of your valance.  Use caulk to fill holes in the nail. Then use sandpaper to clean up any rough edges and on the wood. Paint the valance the desired color and let them dry. Use your measuring tape to the inside of the box wooden valance. Subtract 1 inch from the measurement.

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