Longer Lucite Curtain Rods

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Overall Lucite Curtain Rods

Lucite curtain rods – Sometimes, window requests may require stock of goods or even as special order items in stores. 3/4 “base columns available 12 feet long Straighten the short cut to the end and packing costs will be added because the stem will need additional packaging to get it from the bend in transit The affected windows distribute the cost of each bar.

3/4” wide stem lucite curtain rods standard 2½ or 4½ curtain bars can extend beyond the longest size of 120″ to 156 “. First, buy the longest stem available to ensure the selection of the desired project. The return is the distance of the stem coming out of the wall. Several different projections can find on 3/4″ sticks: 1 ½”, 2 ½”, 3½” and 5 ½”. On larger wigs 2 ½” and 4 ½” Dauphine includes adjustable brackets allowing depth of return arranged as needed. The curtain rod connector is another option that allows long connection 24″.

When all the supplies and stems are ready, start by cutting the back of the extra stem with a hacksaw. After cutting the 3/4″ stem, it is necessary to apply to smooth each rough edges to help slide down the side bar and prevent your lucite curtain rods from sticking cloth. Insert the piece into the stem and help prevent it from sagging. Before move the stem into the pocket or pocket of the mosquito net, place the stem on the floor. Measure the exact length require and secure the rod with tape. So no telescopes are distribution while cutting the curtain bag.

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