Loft Bed With Stairs That Fits For Your Growing Up Teens

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White Loft Bed With Stairs

Loft bed with stairs is still the favorite option for all parents when they have many kids and cannot give the facility of one person one bedroom. The designs can be so varied based on its ages and gender, still for growing up teens, parents must choose the best one that can fulfill and fit perfectly with their personality and characters also lifestyles. For example, you will never choose the loft bed with slide that is indeed not a good idea for your growing up teens. You will need different choices which will make them enjoy and feel comfortable to stay on their beds.

Loft Bed with Stairs That Are Totally Cool for Teen Girls

For teen girls, the colors and extras embellishments on the loft beds are important elements which must exist. Teen girls like the popular and girly things which are not too obvious like kids; they will be quite mature enough. For that, parents can choose the stylish and trendy designs with printed motifs or accents like zebra, leopard or custom motifs like stripes, circles, squares and others. Or you can simply play with colors like hot pink, cherry red, velvet plum, lime green, turquoise and other catchy colors that your daughters like, because colors can be so effective to give the certain effects to the entire bedroom, especially from the beds.

Loft Bed with Stairs and Desk That Will Fit for Boys

For teen boys, the designs are so much more masculine modern, modest but still stylish and functional. For that, parents can choose loft bed with desks which will help them to easily study near their beds, and if you have some extra money, add some storages is also fine and recommended. For colors, of course that neutral dark colors are better, like brown, black, grey and white, and it is important not to add too much accents, you can use manly accents like army or sports like football and basketball.

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