Lift Top Coffee Table Remodels Style

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Lift Top Coffee Table Modern

Lift Top Coffee Table – When he saw it he liked it but not long ago he saw one that he loved, and that he did not even know existed, and it is a coffee table that rises or folds the cover of the coffee table up and forward. The assembly process of the lifting system is simple and quick to assemble, it does not require many tools and it allows converting a coffee table into a folding or lifting table easily.
We will convert our coffee table into a folding or lift top coffee table, for this, we must remove the cover of the table from the rest of the structure. To carry out the conversion or manufacturing process, we will need a lifting system that we can buy in DIY centers or hardware stores. We begin by presenting the lifting system based on the lower part of the table cover.
Next, we measure the space we have to center the system in the center of it and mark it with a pencil. To fasten the system we will use some screws that do not go through the cover, in my case I used a screw of 3.0 x 15 mm. We insert them into the holes provided by the lifting hinges for that purpose and screw them into the wood. Next, we attach the lifting hinges to the side of the lift top coffee table side rails.

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