Lattice Privacy Fence Design

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Nice Lattice Privacy Fence

Lattice privacy fence is one of the easiest types of fences to build. However, the difficulty and time to assemble and configure the fence will depend on the total length of your fence, as well as its height. Measure from one end of the fence line to the other. Shorten the distance, if necessary, so that it is divisible by 8 feet, to avoid losing a partial panel. Dig a hole for the pole at each end of this line, 10 to 12 inches wide and 24 inches deep.
Make lattice privacy fence, stand a message in each of the two holes and use a standing level in a vertical position, from right to left and from front to back, adjustment until the bubble is centered in the indicator. Copies fill the holes with normal earth and pack with a message by dropping the end over the ground.
Tie a piece of string between the two posts comfortably and measure it along. Dig a hole for the pole under the rope every 8 feet, as you did at the ends of the lattice privacy fence. Support an 8 foot wooden landscape, flat face out, in each hole. Support the first panel, so that its edge is level with the outer face of the first entry. Nail through the horizontal runners with 3-inch galvanized nails, which are cheaper than deck screws, two in each corridor.

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