Islamic Wall Decor Wonderful

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Islamic Wall Decor Picture

Religious restrictions on the representation of human figures and animals in Islam prevented the development of techniques such as painting and sculpture and eventually transform the architecture in more developed artistic mode in Islamic culture. The Islamic wall decor, due to the strong religiosity, finds its best expression in the mosque building for the community prayers. The house of Mohammed was meeting place for prayer, political center, hospital and refuge for the poor.
The Muslim artist headed for new distant worlds drawing people and reproduction of nature, where he showed his exceptional genius and creativity, used his imagination, his delicate sense and authentic taste. If the Islamic wall decor is the role of Islamic art, the ornamentation is one of the important ways that produce this beauty as it is a pure act that only aims to produce beauty.
The Islamic ornamentation had different characteristics, which greatly contributed to highlight the civilized image of Islamic revival. It grew and prospered exceedingly in designing, producing, themes and methods. The Islamic wall decor used magnificent decorative lines in appearance and training and made of decorative shapes models with which their imaginations out to infinity, repetition, renovation, alteration and interlacing.

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