Invisible Fence Collar Style Ideas

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Smart Invisible Fence Collar

Invisible fence collar offers a place to fix owner and registration information and attaches to a leash to walk the dog. You can attach a dog collar that does not have a Velcro closure by using pads. The hooking qualities of the pads will keep the collar closed around the dog’s neck when necessary, but can be removed without damaging the neck. You will need supplies from a hobby store or the ship.
Place one sheet of the hook Velcro pad horizontally on a work surface. Measure 4 inches from the bottom left of the pad. Make a point at the 4 inch mark. Place one of the two sides of the invisible fence collar horizontally on the pad. Place the end of the band against the point. Align the bottom of the side with the bottom of the pad. Draw a line at the top of the side and down at the end, on the platform. Remove the collar from the pad.
Place one sheet of the hook Velcro on the pad horizontally on the work surface. Repeat the above procedure with the invisible fence collar, only this time on the hook platform. Cut the coupling pad and the contours of the coupling cushion. Remove the protective paper from the adhesive the retention pad is cut. Line the hitch pad with the inside of one side of the dog collar.

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