Interior Window Fluted Molding Ideas

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Fluted Molding Door

Fluted Molding – Materials used for interior window trim often come with varying thickness profiles and grooved portions and ribs for decorative effect. Standard dimensional lumber is also used. Windows side pieces end up on the floor and there is no lower molding. Sometimes a piece called apron is fastened under the floor.

Fluted molding is a unique type of setting, with ridges on the edges inside of the board. Fluting can be simple, stripes, basically just finished the round-or complex, braided rope type or size. Fluted molding is generally used as doors and windows adjustment, especially outside the colonial-style houses. It can also be used as a baseboard, although this is more incredible. Fluted molding adds a look adorned with even a simple house and often used to frame frames around a door. The installation uses socket or base blocks and rosettes or upper corners.

This requires an exaggerated molding window lintel upper part, often in a band running around the room in caps wooden doors and windows. The lintel is usually wider than a typical 1 3/4 or 2 1/2 inches molding and has a beaded miter attached to its highest produces a real effect. And lower side of fluted molding can be fluted or smooth or can be mixed with fluted side pieces and a flat at the bottom.

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