Interesting Facts About The Pasture Fence

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Putting Up A Pasture Fence

Pasture fence has been used for more than a hundred years. Farmers first started using electric fences as a way to raise livestock and keep them from being injured by fencing material. Barbed wire is a cattle fence that is most often used before the invention of an electric fence, and barbed wire can be dangerous for animals.

Pasture fence which is widely used today was first made in New Zealand by the inventor William Gallagher. In rural areas, the use of electric fences will keep animals within the grassland boundaries, but signals that operate fences can also interfere with radio stations, internet signals, and television reception. When this disorder is noticed there is usually a problem with the fence within a mile of interception problems. When a fence is inspected somewhere within a mile there will be some fences that have arcs or splashes on the hardware.

Maintenance pasture fence on a regular basis can prevent short circuits that cause interruptions in radio, television, and internet service speed. Insulators must be frequently inspected and replaced when they are bad, and all vegetation that grows near the fence must be trimmed so they cannot touch the fence and cause a short circuit. Electric fencing is just as good at keeping things outside the area as keeping things inside the area. Cows and horses are often contained in the use of this type offense, but these animals are also safer because the fence keeps the predator outside.


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