Installing The Wood Stair Treads

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Wood Treads For Stairs

Installing the wood stair treads is the smart choice which will get the cheaper material than other materials such as the iron stairs design. The wood stair provides the different price based on the thickness and type of the wood choosing. Choosing the high quality stair from the wooden materials will give the combination of the traditional and modern look in your house. Then, the difficulties in choosing the appropriate wooden is that the right degree of the hardness or softness of the wood should be determined with the traffic in the house.

The Advantage in Using Wood Stair Treads

The stair treads which is made by wood provide the different qualification and different degree hardwood and softwood. The hardwoods are durable but it is hard to do such as the oak. Then, the softwoods are easy to build and do not split during the installation. The softwoods look worn out than the hardwood faster. Installing the stair treads should follow the construction of the house for achieving the maximum safety.

The Step for Installing Wood Stair Treads on Concrete

Installing or remodeling the stair treads should be done carefully for the safety stairs. Removing the decorative materials in the stairs such as carpet and detach and the nails is the first step. Then, measuring the old steps with the new step that will be created can be done by making replica from them. Giving the adhesive for reducing the squeaking of the stringers or the staircase is needed. You can cover the holes on the step by using the wood putty. Then, you can install the wood stair without the nail holes based on your new adhesive technology. This technology is designed for preventing any risk of the holes in the stairs which can split the step on the stair.

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