Installing Stair Trim Molding

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Best Stair Trim Molding

Stair trim molding – Stairs to the attic will definitely allow access easier and better use of space for storage of clothing or other items. However, the opening around attic pull – down stairs can be an eyesore. The easiest way to dress up the area around of the entrance of your attic is molded. By installing molding, stairs will appear professionally finished. This project is quite easy and can be finished in a few hours.

Stair trim molding measures the perimeter of the opening of the ladder with a tape measure. Record your measurements on a piece of paper. Paint or stain the molded to your liking. Most homeowners paint the molding to match the surrounding roof. You can also paint or stain the trim in a contrasting color to make it stand out.

Stair trim molding measures and mark the corresponding measurements of the length of the molding with a pencil. Indicate in the molding of the desired direction of the cutting line degree angle 45. Each corner molding must be composed of two opposite angles of 45 degrees.  Place the flat molding on the miter saw. Adjust the mold until it lines up to where it should be cut. Adjust the miter saw to the correct angle of 45 degrees for cutting. Cut the molding size.   Attach the molding on the ceiling and nailed into place with a pneumatic nail gun. Fill nail holes with putty and let dry. Touch up paint as needed.

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