Installing Arched Window Curtain Rod

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Unique Arched Window Curtain Rod

Arched window curtain rod – Ceiling-mounted curtains can make a small window look larger or provide the opportunity to hang curtains in a space where a traditional wall-mounted bar is not possible. The curtains give an illusion of a floor to ceiling window, which can make a dramatic statement in any room. Proper installation ensures that the bar does not drain from the ceiling and is properly centered.


Measure in the window, from one corner of the arched window curtain rod to the other. Choose a 10 to 15 cm curtain rod (4 to 6 inches) longer than the top of the window frame. Measure 10 cm (4 inches) from where the ceiling meets the wall above a corner of the window. Make a pencil marker on the spot. Repeat the second corner of the window and place a pencil mark on the ceiling there.

Hold the bracket to one of the selected points. Drill a 6 mm (1/4 inch) guide hole through the screw hole on the bracket. Connect the mounting bracket by screwing a molly bolt into the hole. Molly bolts have a plastic or metal casing that opens and anchors them in plaster, ensuring assembly details are safe. Attach the second arched window curtain rod to the second pencil marker using the same method. Place the bar in the mounting brackets. Adjust the bar until it is centered inside the brackets correctly. Hang the curtain from the bar.

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