Install The Preformed Pond Liners With Waterfall

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Preformed Pond Models

Preformed pond – Water features have been popular throughout history. Today a water garden serves many purposes. A pond with a waterfall adds soothing white noise through splashes of water and can attract wildlife such as birds or toads. Water gardens are easy to install if you use pre-formed PVC liner such as the type sold in garden centers nationwide. Load limits your pond and waterfall using a garden hose. Try to find a natural contour in the country that will lead to pond and waterfall to look natural when it is installed, such as the bottom of a hillside slope.

Let the garden hose in place for several days to determine if the location disrupt traffic flow. Mark the location in the ground with a can of spray paint. Measure the dimensions of the pond and waterfall liner. Outline the surface shape of the pond and waterfall on graph paper. Note the contours of the land and how deep you have to dig the ground under liner for each square of preformed pond liner on the grid paper. You will excavate the ground so that the hole in the ground is slightly deeper than the depth of the liner.

Hammer stakes into the ground around the perimeter of the preformed pond in places corresponding to the grid marks on the graph paper. Stretch string between each effort to restore the grid from the paper over your pond location. Excavate the soil inside the pond using shovel and trowel. Remove the ground under each grid square marked by the string corresponding to the depth of the grid paper.

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