Install Carpet Tile On Concrete Stairs

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Concrete Stairs Design

Concrete stairs-Carpet tile, foam-backed carpet square bonds to concrete stairs with a specially designed adhesive. The adhesive prevents edge of a loose carpet tiles to lift and become a tripping hazard on the concrete stairs. Carpet manufacturers offer carpet tiles in various colors, patterns and textures. A carpet tile’s foam backing eliminates the need for floor padding or cushion. A building concrete must cure completely before installing carpet tiles on its stairs.

Work a razor scrape the concrete stairs surface, removing any leftover drops concrete and drywall joint compound from the stairs. Scrub all spray paint from concrete, with a steel brush. Sweep debris off the concrete stairs with a broom, using a dustpan to catch debris. Clean the dust from the concrete floor surface with a vacuum cleaner to pull the dust out of the concrete’s pores. Measure the concrete floor surface with a tape measure. Transfer the measurement to the carpet tile’s foam backing, using a pen to position the measurement markings on the appropriate places. Repeat for each step and carpet tiles. Rating 1/8-inch-deep line along the measurement mark on the carpet tile’s foam backing, using a utility knife. Fold carpet tiles along the 1/8-inch-deep perforated line. Trap carpet tiles breaking foam back along the perforated line. Repeat for each carpet tile.How to install carpet on concrete stairs,

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