Install A Front Door Locksets Sliding Glass

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Front Door Locksets Style

Front door locksets – Install a front door locksets sliding glass, Clean the corridor at the door thoroughly with the head of the broom. Loosen the soil first. Then use a vacuum cleaner to remove loose dirt. You may need to use a brush to clean. If absolutely necessary, lift the door and clean. Tap the bottom edge of the front door to find where the glass ends. You do not want to drill through the glass. Aligning the lock bolt with the area where there is no glass. Place the lock against the back of the inner door, where the lock sliding door connects. Push the lock on the outside door. Mark the top screw hole to keep the lock on the rear edge of the inner door.

Front door locksets, Take a dim light with an all or a punch in which he scored for the screws to secure the lock. Slowly drill marking the screw. Remember, it is not just glass behind the brand, so just go slowly and only go far enough to break the surface and allow the screws put at ease. Do this only for the first screw.

Screw lock down slightly. Mark the spot for the second screw. Remove the first screw. And perforating drill for the second screw hole. This hole is at the bottom and do not need to be careful of hitting the glass. Attach the lock and use a marker to outline where the lock bolt sliding door knock on the outer door. Start the hole with a punch, and then move to a 1/8 inch hole to start. Try the lock. Screw lightly into the front door locksets and make sure the bolt in the hole easily. If everything works properly, tighten the screws.

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