Ideas To Build Stone Fence

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Perfect Stone Fence

The creation of a beautiful stone fence is a wonderful project and a great way to add value to an existing property. Stone fences have been built since the first settlements around the world and have been effective in keeping animals and livestock, as well as maintaining the entry of unwanted pests. Using a little patience and a little skill, putting together a stone fence will be a truly enjoyable project. Keep reading to learn more.

The length and height of the desired stone fence are calculated. On the tightrope of the new fence will sit on a handheld GPS unit. This will measure the effectiveness and plot the distance in real time to a few inches. Find out what stone works best aesthetically and be within the budget of the project. Most of the stone walls are built with stone from the area that is easily available. Granite and limestone are common types of stones used in the construction of the fence.

Cut the stones in the shape of a rough rectangle. The calculations may vary in size to add contrast to the stone fence. These stones are typically available pre-cut from a local quarry or stone supplier. Prepare the land where the fence will be constructed by digging a trench and filling it with loose gravel. The placement of the larger, flatter stones at the top of the gravel will add a firm foundation.

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