Ideas For Wood Crown Molding

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High Ceiling With Wood Crown Molding

Wood crown molding – Wood moldings gives you more opportunities to show your unique style in your home. They can be painted any color you want to match a room, and they are affordable and easy to install. Wood lists are one of the cheapest ways to finish a wall, while you still have a dramatic effect.

Crown molding Stoppers are used at the top of the walls adjacent to the ceiling. Crown molding creates a smooth transition from wall to ceiling, while being decorative. Because wood is available in so many choices, you have a choice of designs to suit your taste. For a traditional look, use polished wood crown molding to your fireplace mantle. It handles the heat from the fireplace good and ages well. Wood molding may also be used for panels which can be placed on the walls to trim, or on doors to add advanced design and dimension.

Wood stock molding pieces can be used to update old furniture and breathe life into topics that you may have considered throwing out. For example, an old wardrobe like new with a few pieces of wood crown molding trim and a new coat of paint.

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