Ideas For Put Laminate Stairs

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Stylish Laminate Stairs

Laminate stairs – Staircase system has many joints, so the laminate is an advantageous form of finishing, because it does not expand or contract much with heat and humidity. Using laminate can joints between stairs pieces be tighter than solid hardwood. This makes installing laminate flooring on stairs fairly easy. There are a number of kits available for installation of the laminate on the stair closed

How to put laminate stairs, Cut your laminate and stairs leading edge (usually included with laminate stair kit) to the length of your step with a circular saw. Place riser ahead of the first staircase. Line up the notch in the bottom of the cutting edge piece with the riser, and then mark the position of the cutting edge piece on top of the first leg with a pencil. Remove the riser piece and put a wavy line of glue across the bottom of the cutting edge piece and replace it when you have marked its position. Nail nosing piece on the floor using finishing nails every six inches in area that will be overlapped by flat floor piece.

Place a wavy line plastic floor piece (or tread) and slide it into position against the tongue of the cutting edge piece. The connection of laminate stairs flooring is always tongue and groove style, so you will always know that the tongue and groove of the tread facing forward in connection with the tongue and groove in the forefront. Place a line of glue on riser piece and press it firmly on space under the overhanging lip of nosing, slotting it in shallow groove. Cut a piece of quarter-round molding to fit in the corner between the riser and the tread, then secure it with finishing nails.


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