Ideas For Install Stucco Molding

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Stucco Molding Style

Stucco molding – Stucco foam moldings are an inexpensive and easy to install alternative to hardwood moldings. Homeowners can get beautiful appearance of expensive castings at no cost. Unlike hardwood lists are butt-foam moldings secured in place with glue only. This makes installation easy completed in a weekend. install stucco molding,measuring the wall in which the butt-foam casting will be installed. Mark the measurements on the length of the foam molding with a pencil.

Prepare the walls of the butt-molding. Use a damp cloth to wipe off dust and dirt.  Cut the butt casting to the size of a cutting-off machine. Set the saw to the opposite 45 degree angle to cut the other side of the corner. The end joints of casting with a scarf cut. Stucco molding edge pieces may not be able to span the entire length of a wall. Set the miter saw to a 45 degree angle as you did for the corners.

Set stucco molding foam molding in place with the help of a partner. The casting is not heavy but the length of the casting may require two people to keep it in place while it is installed. Check the casting to ensure that it is cut properly and fit in place. Apply adhesive to the back of the butt-foam casting by means of a caulk gun. Spread glue in an “S” pattern. Set the molding in place.  Let the glue dry for 24 hours, then remove the tape. Caulk joint between molding and wall. Spread a bead of caulk into the hole and smooth it with your finger. Let the caulk dry for 24 hours or by the manufacturer.

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