Ideas For Install Oak Stair Treads

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Popular Oak Stair Treads

Oak stair treads – A set of stairs allows you to gain access to another level of a house. A staircase consists of wooden stringers, plywood steps and risers. All this makes the ladder’s auxiliary frame. This is usually the condition the ladder is left in by the authors during the construction phase of a new home. The do-it-yourself maintenance staff can then add decorative oak steps to the staircase.

Measure the depth of the steps of the stairs. Measure from the oak stair treads that has just nailed into position to the front edge of the plywood ladder footprint. Add the bull nosing measurement to the tread, usually 1 1/2 inches. Set the table saw with the total measurement and cut the width of the stair tread board. Building codes require that all treads be the same depth.

Then for install oak stair treads. Place the flat template on the plywood tread of the first stairway. Align the template against the left side of the ladder so it is even with the outer edge.  Cut the step from the oak ladder to the width using the table saw. The nose side of the nose goes against the fence table of the saw. Place the template in the last longitudinal step on top of the footprint of the oak staircase. Position the rear part so it is even with the back of the tread; Transfer the brand from the tread pattern. Use a miter saw to cut the tread.  Apply construction adhesive on the back of the tread and place it in position on the ladder.

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