Ideas For Build Horizontal Fence Wood

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Modern Horizontal Fence

Horizontal fence – Whether you want to add privacy to your patio, make a corner of shelter in a garden or create a backdrop for a living area, a horizontal wooden fence panel can do just that. While fencing panels can be purchased at most home improvement stores, you can build a horizontal wooden fence panel on your own for less cost and with basic skills to work the wood alone. Make a single panel or multiple panels and install them in a line to cover a little space or a lot.
Ideas for build horizontal fence wood, place the two 7-foot plates on a flat surface that rests on its width of 2 inches parallel and spaced 8 feet apart. Place an 8-foot joint between the two plates at one end to form a large U shape. Align the corners so they are flush. Insert two 3-inch screws through the 7-foot boards and into each end of the 8-foot board. This 8-foot board is the top of the panel.
Establish a second 8-foot plate between the 7-foot sides at the other end to form the bottom. Bring the board between the boards 7 feet 18 inches above the ends. Turn the board to its width of 4 inches. Place the other 8-foot board between the 7-foot boards over its 4-inch width. Space this plate 42 inches above the bottom plate. Secure with screws. Then for build horizontal fence wood, place your lattice section on the three lower boards, so that it is located between the 7-foot boards. Of the thrust of the two pole holes 18 inches deep and a width of 8 feet apart.

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