How To Stop An Invisible Continuous Fence

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Continuous Fence – I was in the middle of fishing last week and I got a panic call from a woman with a visible dog fence system. He told me that the system rang and he could not stop it. He further explained that he could not get anyone on the phone at the dealer unless someone said they could schedule a service call and they would come and fix it.
When he spoke further he revealed that he had pulled it out and still rang and that made him crazy. He did not use the system because his dog had died more than 2 years ago. The woman told me that she had called a number of different Invisible Dog dealers that she found online and no one was willing to help her so the beep stopped. As a businessman with formal education, I found this dealer continuous fence attitude to be too general and truly reprehensible.
They seem blind to providing services to their customers unless they can make another dollar. Now consider the Invisible continuous fence system is the most expensive in the market that you expect for an additional price that they will bend backward to help their clients. Unfortunately, it doesn’t happen too often and quite often it seems just the opposite. The more it costs the less “Value Added” service you receive. If it doesn’t give the industry black eyes like that, I don’t care.

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