How To Protect Japanese Pond Fish

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Stylish Japanese Pond Fish

Japanese pond fish – Backyard ponds bring nature right to your yard with attractive plants and fish. If you are lucky enough to live in areas where herons, egrets and raccoons live, a Japanese pond fish backyard is almost certain to bring these creatures to your yard as well. A Japanese pond fish backyard offers easy meals for wild animals, and return each night to the party. If this is not quite the kind of character I wanted to experience in your yard, there are ways to protect fish without harming wildlife.

How to protect Japanese pond fish, Build a pergola or gazebo on the pond. This protects fish from the point of view of birds flying overhead. Create hiding places for fish, providing outcrops of rocks, logs, clay pots and submerged plants. This gives insurance withdrawals predatory fish when they visit. Install a water spray activated by movement. These devices spray a strong stream of water around or across the pond when motion is detected. They work for both birds and land predators.

Establish a heron or egret decorative statue. Herons and egrets like to fish alone. If you see a “heron” has already taken a pond, they will find fishing – leaving your pond alone. Install an electric fence around the Japanese pond fish. There are several products on the market that blend with the environment and produce only a mild electric shock to scare away predators.

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