How To Persian Rug Cleaning

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Great Persian Rug Cleaning

Basically there are two strange but effective methods to Persian rug cleaning that rub with snow or with bicarbonate or both, for anyone who wants to be a perfectionist. These two substances meet the yarn and are not aggressive, respecting the colors and return the original shine of the fabric. If the fabric is as valuable in fine rugs, we appreciate very much the use of natural and non-aggressive.
The snow has enormous power to absorb the dirt and restore shine to the colors of the yarn. In this type of procedure we can either stretch the carpet with the hair towards the snow, leaving it for several minutes, or leave it with the hair upwards and coat it with powdery snow always for a few minutes.
If it is winter and there is no snow, we can use baking soda to Persian rug cleaning. Baking is sprinkled over the surface of the carpet and rubbed with a spatula or a broom, and then be left to rest for some time so as to facilitate their cleaning.
Finally, after our beloved carpet has rested at least one night, for Persian rug cleaning, we take a vacuum cleaner and start to suck the bicarbonate present on the surface.

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