How To Paint A Surfboard Wall Decor For Bedroom

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Best Surfboard Wall Decor

Surfboard wall decor is a popular style of decor for the bedroom of an older child. Paint the walls a neutral color sand or soft blue-gray to create a beach background. Paint the walls of the room in soft sand or the color of the sky. Determine the placement of the bed. Draw a center line on the wall with chalk, which can be easily removed when the project is done. Place a mark 14 inches above the mattress. Mark the width of the mattress at each side.
Use your chalk to draw horizontal tabular surf above the mark of 14 inches, centered on the bed. Surfboard wall decor has a shallow curve on both sides. One end comes to a point and the other end is rounded. Tape around the outer edge of the chalk line.
Complete the surfboard, the use of latex paint. This will be the main color of the surfboard wall decor. Add your designs to the table painted surf. It’s a good idea to have a reference photo for this part of your project. Finish adding a shadow line along the lower edge of the plate. Remove the tape and add a bow at the ankle.

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