How To Make Valance Box

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Dual Traversing Valance Box

Valance box – First, Measure the width of the net to the holder in the holder. This is the entire width of the mesh. Box pleat has a ratio of 4-to-2. About 4 inches will pleat the fabric 2 inches. You will also have to leave some space between the folds. Suppose that the space between the folds is 4 inches. So every fold and the room next to it will require eight inches of fabric.
Second, draw diagrams and to find out exactly how many folds and the space valance box you need to make the correct width network. Start with the rooms and at the end with a space.
Cut out a piece of cloth netting you 76 inches and 9 inches. Cut lining curtains to match. Listed on the right side of the fabric and lining together and sew around all four sides using 1/2 inch seam allowance. Leave about 4 inches wide opening at one side of the panel to change. Clip the corners, turn the panel and press. Hand sew the opening.
Finally, Measure and mark on the left sidebar, operating on the wrong side. This is the first room you. Starting with the name, put another four pins each one inch apart. Make a box pleat with the first one and five pins mark the center of the three points two and four in the bottom panel of the main fold. Pin the fold in place. Continuously measures the space and make the folds valance box, until you reach the end panel. Press the folds for providing sewn together over the width of the top of the mesh of approximately 1 inch from the top. Attach the hook behind as difficult curtains and hang a mosquito net.

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