How To Install Cedar Fence Pickets

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Cedar Fence Pickets Ideas

Cedar fence pickets is an appropriate fencing material for those who want to have a fence with a natural appearance of wood. They also rot naturally resistant. Position the fence. To achieve a uniform appearance, the fence must follow the ground with the top of each picket being approximately the same distance from the ground. Instead of measuring each picket, a piece of string or string can be stretched between two points on the fence and the upper parts of the pickets aligned with the chain. Make sure the rope is stretched tightly and is not too long so it does not sink in the middle. If necessary, attach the intermediate supports to keep the chain at the proper height.

Fix the cedar fence pickets. Start at one end and work your way along the fence. Check each picket with the level to make sure it is upright, and align the top parts of the pickets with the chain. Use a large nail or laminated wood by keeping a space of approximately 1/8 inch between each picket. Follow two nails or screws through the picket in each lane.

Cut out the final picket. Before installing the last cedar fence pickets, measure the remaining space. If it would have to be cut to less than half its width the final picket of the two end pickets can be adjusted to avoid a narrow strip. Measure the required width and use a table saw to tear the pickets to the dimensions before connecting them to the rails.

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