How To Install Bamboo Reed Fence

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How To Install Bamboo Reed Fence – Bamboo reed fence provided with a long roll to be applied on your fence. This is one economical way to hide the ugly old your fence or to give more privacy to a metal fence. It is important to have a strong structure for installing a bamboo fence so that it can face any time.
This is a few important steps to take when a bamboo rod is attached near an existing fence. To install bamboo reed fence the first measure the existing fence and determine many rolls or sections of bamboo fencing will need. Determine the strength of your fence and found a horizontal support beam at the top and bottom of bamboo reed fence that will be installed. Cut 8 pieces of 10-inch galvanized wire using wire cutters; you will use this cable to connect the bamboo fence to your existing structure.
Begin to attach the bamboo reed fence its first fence post with galvanized wire. Be sure to thread the two ends of galvanized wire through the existing cable in bamboo cane fence and then wrap around the fence post in the non-visible side. Spend the bamboo cane fence next fence post, then go back and attach every 4 to 6 inches at the top, bottom and middle to reach the next fence post. Continue rolling your bamboo fence and connect it to the existing fence until the end. Make sure the bamboo cane fence is both safe and rectum.

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