How To Create Plastic Trim Molding

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Baseboard Plastic Trim Molding

Plastic trim molding – Vacuum forming or thermoforming, is the process of creating plastic molds. Plastic comes in the form of thin sheets and when heated can easily create the shape of any object that you want to mold. There are varieties of thermoforming machines, from small of about US $ 100, to larger industrial machines US $ 900. You can buy your machine and plastic at a hardware store.

Seeks an object you want to form a plastic trim molding. This may be a toy, a small statue or recreate any way you want. Heat the plastic sheet thermoformed using your machine. It must be sufficiently soft and flexible to perfectly fit on your object. Place the plastic sheet hot on your object. Make sure the object is positioned vertically in your thermoforming machine.

Take the vacuum cleaner your home and connect to your machine thermoformed and then sucks the air between the object and the plastic until the plastic sheet is perfectly shaped mold your object. Some machines bring already built aspirate function. Let the plastic cool on the object until it is fixed and become hard. Remove the plastic object. You have your plastic trim molding.

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