How To Create A Relaxed Black Valance

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Amazing Black Valance

Black valance – A relaxed valence is one of the different types of decorative curtains hanging over the curtains or blinds. The valence is considerably shorter than the window itself, usually 10 to 18 inches in length. There are many styles of black valance, so finding a black valance to complement the decor of your home is pretty easy. The valance is simplest to mount a scarf valance, which is essentially draped a large swath of fabric over the top of the curtain in a loop. Other types are the pleated valance and the balloon valance.
To create a relaxed black valance, cut a piece of fabric three times the width of the window, about 12 inches in length. You can cut longer or shorter depending on your screen size and preference. Measure in 20 inch from each end of the fabric piece and cut to remove the diagonal of the corners. Cut the lining to match the curtain fabric and sew the lining to the external structure, right sides together. Leave one side open, the right materials appear and stitch close the curtain.
Cut five pieces of curtain 9 inches x 5 inches for the tabs. Fold the tabs in half lengthwise and sew the long edges together. Moving the long seam in the center and the press. Fold the tabs in half and pin the raw ends to the top of the black valance, distance them evenly. Sew tabs on the inside of the curtain. Back stitch on each tab to make sure that it is securely sewn. Clutch housing the black valance to the curtain rod, fit to ensure it is evenly draped.

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