How To Cover A Window Valances Modern

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Amazing Window Valances Modern

Window valances modern – While a valance or cornice wooden board mounted on the top of a window may look attractive, covering it with decorative fabric adds color to a room and updated style. Choose fabric in the same color and design as the curtains, or try a contrasting color to make it pop-up window. You can change the look of the windows whenever you want, because all you have to do is basic fabric valance or cornice of the board. Add attractive ornaments on the sides of the valance and bottom edges for greater appeal.
Measure the length and width of the flap. Upholstery batting cut 3 inches higher than the measurements. Extend the batting cut on a table. Brush with your hands to remove any wrinkles. Centre window valances modern over her, his face or front side down, and lower it into the batting.  Cut decorative fabric in the same size as the batting with fabric scissors. Extend the face fabric on a table.
Central and lower valance with its face down on the decorative fabric. Wrap the fabric on the front of the skirt and spread it over the top until it reaches the back. Extend the fabric through the sides of the border, in turn, and fix it to the back with staples. Measure the length and width of the back of the window valances modern and white fabric cut to size. Beads of hot glue spread along the bottom front edge of the valance and strip her insurance or decorative elements. Press the trim in place for a strong bond. Allow the glue to dry.

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