How To Color Precast Concrete Stair Treads

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Outdoor Precast Concrete Stair Treads

Precast concrete stair treads get a lot of wear over the years because of how your foot pounds and marks over the surface of the tread. Choosing a sturdy wood, like oak, will help your new staircase endure the traffic. Wood is also a good choice for new steps because you can dye it to match your wooden floors or to match your existing home decor to color new steps, choose a color that complements your interior and is versatile enough to last for many years to come.
Apply bets to the new precast concrete stair treads using a brush. Brush in the same direction as the wood fibers, covering the top and sides of the tread. Wipe out the excess stain with a lint-free cloth to prevent a spotty appearance.
Allow the stain to dry completely without interruption. Your precast concrete stair treads may look dull and lighter than expected after it dries, but it will change when you seal it. Use a brush to apply a layer of polyurethane over the lacquer. Apply seals in the same direction as the wood’s vein. Let it dry. Sand polyurethane light, then add another layer. Use at least three layers of polyurethane on your new steps to protect them from wear.Elegant precast paint color,

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