How To Clean Vintage Persian Rugs

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Awasome Vintage Persian Rugs

Vintage persian rugs – require special care and cleaning. Oriental rug cleaning too often or incorrectly can carry out and ruin the rug fibers. It is important to know the proper way to clean a vintage oriental rug. Since my best not to have to clean up an oriental rug at all is the best preventive measure you can take it is to simply not let the rug is dirty to begin with. Sometimes accidents are unavoidable, but never let anyone walk on the rug with shoes and keep away from pets, there is no reason why you should get dirty.
Vacuum both sides of the vintage persian rugs. Mix cold water and rug shampoo in a bucket. See the instructions on the bottle of rug shampoo for soap to water ratio. Dip a soft brush hair, long in the soapy water and then wipe the battery firmly. Rub in the direction of the nap in a linear movement.
Wet the nap with soapy water until it is very wet. Wash fringes with a brush and soapy water laundry, brushing away from the stack. Place the blanket on a clean, flat surface to dry. When the nap feels dry, turn the vintage persian rugs. The other side will take a little time to complete drying.

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