How To Build Window Valance Box

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Beauty Window Valance Box

Window valance box – Build a mosquito box located at the top of the window will bring network architectural appeal to any room. Box mosquito nets have the top, front and side, but is left open, the window treatments to work. Box mosquito nets are made of special high-quality wood or fat you can print color. A box of plywood can be painted or covered with a cloth. Tailored valance box is usually expensive, but building your own is an inexpensive way to add a custom element of this high end into the room.
Enter the required dimensions of the network. It should be high enough to hide curtain rods and blinds or curtains allow enough to operate even under. Field width must be at least 4 inches wider than the window valance box, including window trim that field can be mounted on the wall. Side pieces have the same dimensions. The top and front of the should be the same length and the top should measure the same depth as the side pieces.
Put each piece of the pattern on a piece of wood. Follow around each piece with a pencil, then use your saw carefully cut out parts of the wood. Lay a piece of the front window valance box on a stable surface. Standing on one side of a piece of on the edge, place it at the top end of the short front end. Make sure that the edges of the plates are aligned, then the position of the L-brackets, where the pieces are coming together. If necessary, use an electric drill and a 1/4-inch drill bit for drilling pilot holes through the shallow hole on each side of the bracket and into the wood.

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