How To Attach Clear Stair Treads

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Rustic Clear Stair Treads

Clear stair treads improperly installed staircase can shift under the weight of a person using the stairs. To ensure an installed staircase does not move requires using the correct combination of fasteners. Glue to keep the tread in place even after several years of use. Taking the time to properly install stairs can help prevent a serious accident.
Action 1 inch in from the front edge of a clear stair treads, and places a mark with a carpentry pen. Repeat the process to mark all the steps in the staircase. Cut the excess one inch from each step by straightening the blade on a circular saw with the mark and cutting along the tread until the leading edge of the saw touches the wall. Drabbed the area in front of the incision with a hammer to break away from the remaining part of the tread. Clean all even parts of wood from the incision by aligning the tip of a stiff iron with the uneven part of the wood.
Remove all debris from the top surface of each step by pushing a metal pallet over the tread. Work filler with the wood fibers to avoid placing deep grooves in the wood. Wipe the surface of each tread with a dust brush to remove the loose rubbish. Measure the width and length of the lowest step. Cut the new clear stair treads in the length with a power box. Mark and cut the tread by pushing over the sheltered bed by a table saw. Remove any wood grades from all cut edges by running a piece of 200-grit sandpaper over each edge.

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