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Stair Climbing Vs Running

Get many benefits from stair climbing to make your lifestyle better and much better than just having the stairs as home features. Climbing stairs offer you great values beside of filling your home with color and texture simply yet significantly. Kids and adults even particularly the handicapped can climb the stairs as an interesting activity. Building stair can be made into easy and cheap priced by using timbers. The timber stair tread design highly features sleek and compliment any home. The important thing to put in mind is the size of the treads and let us not to forget the risers. The handrail position is also very essential in determining the quality and you can save costs just by fixing it on the adjacent wall.

You can build the alternate tread stair based on your own ideas and plans in how to make better quality of stair tread. The width and landing size should also be considered in order to be optimal in featuring safety as well. The landing of timber staircase uses tongue and grove twenty five milliners’ boards. The boards are screwed into the concrete of landing. The next stage is that you should have to fix the risers and treads. You can simply slip the riser into the each tread’s groove overhang. Just drill and screw them right onto the concrete.

Just make sure the overhangs on the steps and on the side are twenty five millimeters off the concrete edge, at least. Alternate timbers stairs are fixed onto the balustrades and king posts. You will not find railings need to be fixed if the spacing is not more than just two hundred millimeters. Fix the handrail and you better o make sure the bottom and top ends are really smooth for safety.

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