Hang A Wooden Blind Valance Clips

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Blind Valance Clips Design

Blind valance clips – More important than standard vinyl blinds and has a richer, wooden shutters appearance can cover the windows with elegant style. A piece special border crosses the tops of your blinds to provide a finished header for window coverings. Hang a valance wood blind with valance clips installed on the shutters and hold it safely to end the window decoration.
Hang a wooden blind valance clips, Insert a clip on the back of the border at the right edge. You should find a groove or a slot in which the clip locks into the valance. Insert the other clip on the back of the border on the left edge. Turn each clip border 90 degrees after breaking into place securely. The clips must lock into place after the tour.
Fit the hooks of the rack in the upper rail of the wooden shutters. Several wooden shutters have different designs, but you should find a slot or groove in each clip that fits the top bar. Push the clips firmly at the top to finish installing the valance on wood blinds rail. Slide the blind valance clips along the top rail, if necessary, to ensure they do not interfere with blind cords or wand titter.

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