Half Moon Console Table Hallway Decoration Furniture

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Half Moon Console Table Repaint

Half Moon Console Table – Console half moon for the corridor, a lovely piece of furniture that is very useful and also very decorative so you can place it in the living room or the hallway. An adorable addition to the stay that combines the beauty of wood with that of wrought iron. So if you have thought about having one, after reading our entry, you will not have to think about it anymore.
Because that will be very easy to choose this one for your home. This is a Luberon crescent tail, 76 cm high and 90 cm wide by a 45 cm bottom. A charming piece of furniture, without a doubt that will adapt well to the decoration of your house. The half moon console table is made of solid wood and wrought iron. It can be used at the entrance of the house, in a corridor, in a corner of the bedroom if you have space to have one in that room.
The half moon console owes its name to that it only consists of half of the board, it has been manufactured taking into account the beauty of the warm colors of wood and combined with wrought iron. In such a way that you get a piece of furniture that is very useful but also very attractive. The half moon console table for the home is a piece of furniture that we already know from yesteryear.

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