Half Door Window Curtains Interior Decoration

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Half Door Window Curtains Style

Half Door Window Curtains – The curtains in decorating interior is a textile accessory very important, are more important than they are normally attached. Through the curtains, we can use different tricks to control the passage of light and visibility, both inside and outside. Many decorators prefer to hang the curtains on the ceiling, or as high as possible. To increase the feeling of ceiling height and lengthen the profile of the window.

However, with high ceilings and low windows, it is better to fix them to the wall. If the ceiling or windows of a room are too high, a decorative trick is to use half door window curtains of lines or horizontal bands to visually lower the height, also a single band at half height can be ideal. The old houses usually have low ceilings. In these cases, the trick is to hang the curtains from the ceiling, or just below the plaster or cornice molding.

The folded curtains give a stately and sophisticated air. They are not recommend in very small spaces, in which the Japanese panel type smooth curtains. Or even the curtains, are recommend since they do not reduce space. Unless you have a very special predilection for this type of half door window curtains. Or want a classic, rustic or romantic style of decoration. In General, the curtains of the living room and bedroom must reach the floor.

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