Great Ideas For Small Window Curtains

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Hang Small Window Curtains

Good morning friends! Today in our space we want to provide some great ideas for small window curtains. Instead of using traditional style curtains, in which the suspension rod is completely hide while thread through the top of the fabric, experiment with other styles. According to InteriorDezine, one option is to use the top of the curtains tab. These curtains hang from a series of tabs or fabric loops. And expose the underlying rods in a uniform manner. A similar option is eyelet top curtains, which – instead of tabs – use circular washers (or eyelets) to hang from bars.

Valances are short, decorative sections of curtains, which are typically place along the top of the small window curtains. According to Better Homes and Garden, for rooms with especially large corner windows, try to suspend a continuous border along the top, so that the loops, tassels or other patterns on the valance are repeated.

While you can suspend the use of simple links valances, you can also go to give a more aerodynamic look by using ceiling brackets. According to InteriorDezine, to increase the functionality of the corner window treatments, try to combine traditional curtains with valences. This will allow you to completely cover your small window curtains if necessary.

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