Gorgeous Ways To Make Cheap Shoe Racks Ideas

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Shoe Rack Ideas For Closets

It will be looked bad when you get a mess by your shoes untidy all around the floor, you can solve the problem use cheap shoe rack ideas. Why cheap? Because you can use the remnant stuffs of wood to be made a valuable shoe rack properly. You do not need to buy expensive shoe rack to the market supply because you can make it in DIY experience with following this post.
The ways to make a cheap shoe rack ideas is very gorgeous as well as you just need to prepare some tools and stuffs such as, wood remnants, nails, screws, or wood clue, saw, hammer and drill with screw drive. Then follow the some steps below.
1. Saw the wood remnants to be in same sizes about 20 inches then smoothing it with the smoothing tool wood.
2. Make a frame of your shoe rack with measuring the size of the area. The standard size for example use 20 inches for the legs of the rack.
3. Cut the 20 inches of wood becomes 10 inches to be the props of the shoe rack legs.
4. Connect and screw the legs and the props to make them solid to stand.
5. Screw or nails the board to the between the legs and prop to be a storage to store the shoes.
6. Attach the back of shoe rack with plywood or the wood remnants.
7. Paint the handmade shoe rack to finish.
This cheap shoe racks ideas come to be a valuable reference for you. You can make a thrift way to solve the mess problem of the shoes at your house with make a handmade shoe rack. It also can make a self satisfy for you. So, just try to maximize the remnant stuffs to be a valuable thing.
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