Going To Curtain Rod Placement

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Curtain Rod Placement Bay Window

Curtain rod placement – Sometimes we think that placing a curtain in a rectangular vertical wall window is something very simple. And yet often it is done badly and a lot of light is lost. Especially when the windows are small, the question is to guess where to place the bar from which we are going to hang it. And also from what size to choose that bar.

The usual thing is that the bar is placed just above the window. When in fact if there is space between the bar and the ceiling. It should be placed at half the height of that space. On the other hand the bar must be wider than the window, again especially if the window is narrow. Since that way when we remove curtain rod placement to the sides the window will be exposed almost completely and let in more light.

The idea is that the curtain should not always cover the window. But only when we have closed it. But if we open it it will be so that it allows the passage of light. And if the bar is completely placed on the window that will not be possible. Also, if the curtain is larger than the window it will also make it look bigger, in summary, we should not adjust curtain rod placement to the size of the window, but place a larger one, with the highest and prolonged bar to the sides.

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