Garden Arbor With Bench Projects

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Simple Arbor With Bench

Arbor with bench – When planning your landscape is sure to add places to sit and relax. A garden arbor with bench is a decorative element that provides a place for privacy while looking out of your hard work. Arbor provides a stable support for the lights, paint, plants and a shady bench is welcome on sunny days. Twinkle lights or miniature July threads can be drawn through the grid of the garden arbor bench for a nice effect. Select outdoor light if you want to leave them in place for a long time. Light strands can be purchased in a variety of colors and styles. Party centers often sell novelty lights as chili peppers, flamingos or shamrock light – perfect for a theme party. Hanging tea lights can be tied to the arbor bench with fishing line for a small flicker of light, while an outdoor lantern hung over the bench can provide enough light to read by.
Personalize your garden arbor with bench by staining or painting it. Male entire arbor and bench with a primer and then paint images of flowers and vines. The decorative effect will allow the bench to look festive all year.
Planting flowering vines at the bottom of your garden arbor with bench will create a private hideaway retreat, as they grow. Good choices for plants include morning glories, wisteria, clematis and trumpet vines. Miniature climbing roses are another option, as well as English ivy a green oasis. Vines are often fast growers. After planting, watch them closely and start training them around the post by arbor. It usually takes a few seasons before the wine is fully mature, but this natural decorative impact is worth the wait.

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