Florida Pond Fish And Aquatic Fauna

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Florida Pond Fish Attractive

Florida pond fish – fish ponds and aquatic fauna, the tanks are alive with plants and animals. Aquatic plants: water lilies, water lettuce. Aquatic fauna: fish, frogs, dragonflies, turtles. The fish are beautiful and useful as they eat mosquitoes lay larvae in the water. This article is mainly care of the fish in the pond, especially the koi.

In shallow water, the fish are not happy, as the summer temperature is too high and oxygen is scarce. Therefore, if you plan to have fish, you need a pond with water depth of 60-80 cm or more. As we know about florida pond fish. So there will be no problems during the winter if ice forms above. Buy only fish that show no signs of disease or malformations. A fish in good health is stirred and moved. If the winter temperature in your area is less than 15 ° C, only Koi, Amur bitter ling serve you as they are enduring the cold.

When winter comes to the bottom koi and other fish they leave. Should break the ice to breathe. Food for fish sold in the store is appropriate and balanced. If the fish population is not too dense can be neither necessary food supply on our part. When the temperature drops below 10 ° C is inadvisable to feed the fish, florida pond fish. The fish can be eaten plants. It depends on what, for example, are sometimes eaten koi Elodea. You should try different plants and look what you do not touch. If they eat all means they lack in your daily diet vegetables.

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