Floating Pond Fountain Idea

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Perfect Floating Pond Fountain

Size matters. To select the best floating pond fountain need to know the volume of water feature. Large ponds functions require more pumping capacity than small ponds. An undersized pump produces a disappointing trickle in an over-sized pond and an over-sized pump overwhelms a small garden pool.

To find the volume of existing floating pond fountain requires more creativity, especially for irregular forms like kidney shapes and for oblongs and circles. With rectangles and squares, just multiply the length by the width in feet to the surface area. Circles require to find the radius (length in feet from the center to the edge), and multiplying the radius by itself and again at 3.14 of the surface area. Similarly for ovals measure from the center to the most distant edge and center to the nearest edge.

For area, multiply both numbers and the total again at 3:14. Break an elongated shape in a rectangle and two semicircles. Measure the space and deal with the two semi-circles as a whole circle to the area. A final crucial step is to multiply the surface area of ​​the outdoor fountain with the average depth to get the approximate volume and convert cubic feet to gallons. Floating pond fountain powered by a submersible pump via electricity or solar power.

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