Fix Scratches On Sandstone Stair Treads

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Sandstone Stair Treads Idea

Sandstone stair treads – Sandstone is a sedimentary rock composed mainly of quartz and feldspar, and are available in a variety of colors including yellow, brown and gray. The porous natural stone is sealed to prevent moisture from invading its surface, which causes damage, cracking and discoloration. Superficial scratches on your sandstone stairs are produced to the sealant instead of the rock itself. Proper scratch repair is achieved without the need for expensive tools or professional assistance.

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An idea for fix scratches on sandstone stair treads. Put on a pair of rubber gloves and create a mixture of warm half gallon water and a quarter cup of oxygen bleaching powder. Shake the ingredients until the oxygen powder bleach dissolves completely. Moisten a plastic brush with the mixture and gently rub the affected sandstone step to remove any dirt, dirt and grease. Moisten a soft cloth with water and clean the sandstone to remove the oxygen bleach residue. The ladder is dried with a soft cloth separately.

Then for fix scratches on sandstone stair treads. Moisten a piece of steel wool with running water. Gently rub the affected portion of the sandstone with the steel wool until the zero is removed. Apply a thin layer of sandstone or natural stone sealant to the ladder with a wool applicator. Allow the first coat of sealer to dry according to package directions before applying a second thin coat with the lamb wool applicator. Allow the final layer of sandstone sealer to cure for at least 24 hours before touching or cleaning the sandstone staircase.

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