Fence Art Decorative Garden Option

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Fence Art Mural

Fence Art – The main function of the garden fence is to mark the boundaries of a property’s grounds by also serving as a screen, windscreen, etc. Whether it is a wooden or PVC palisade, a stone wall, a hedge of green plants or a metal fence, apart from being practical, the fence must also be an aesthetic addition. With a little creativity and skill and using only salvaged objects.
You can easily create a decorative fence art to catch the eyes of your guests or passers-by on the street. One of our favorite ideas is the art gallery spirit decoration. But how to decorate its fence to succeed? You will need old frames in various sizes and shapes and spray paint of saturated color of your choice. Paint the frames and hang them at the fence in a more playful composition. And how to decorate its fence to imitate a row of giant pencils?
You simply have to give each latte of the vertical palisade the shape of the tip of a pencil and then paint each in mismatched color. Plywood plates, the tray of an old wooden table that you no longer use, and even the feet of broken chairs can serve you well by decorating your fence art and your garden in general. Of course, the same creative approach can adapt when talking about the decoration of the garden fence.

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