Fascinating Backyard Koi Pond

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Backyard Koi Pond And Waterfall

Backyard koi pond – If you want to keep your koi close and protected, consider building a raised pond. Use decorative retaining wall bricks or tiles, creating a circular, oval or elongated structure around a gravel and sand bottom and pond liner or prefabricated Dam on corner of a deck or patio or in a corner of backyard close to house. Not only does this save you expense of excavation and work, it keeps fish closer to human traffic to discourage or eliminate aggressive and inquisitive animals around fish. It also makes maintenance and care more convenient.
A backyard koi pond is an investment in your landscape and your fish-keeping hobby. Adding decorative feature shows your fish in best possible setting. Consider adding an arbor of a large pond or a portion of pond, especially if pond is at a sunny location. Add your koi pond to side of your tires creates a quiet area to see fish while enjoying your backyard. Add your koi pond to your backyard landscaping with a waterfall feature or connect two large ponds with a deep stream or small river for fish to travel back and forth. Aerate your pond with decorate floating fountain that not only adds beauty and interest but also aerates water. If you are very ambitious, consider building your backyard koi pond and a simple Japanese teahouse.

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