Elephant Wall Decal For Nursery Ideas

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Elephant Wall Decal Pink

Elephant wall decal for nursery has jungle and safari theme to feature exotic animal. Neutral gender is a great benefits that also applicable in boys’ room. Wall art in elephant theme has been popular since shabby chic to modern contemporary wall decorating for kids’ nursery. There are different animal themed decals such as zebra, giraffe, lion, rabbit, owl, fish and many others. Elephant has been taking a high stage as one of the most favorable selections these days. Etsy and Urban Outfitters are best places where you can find best wall decals including ones in elephant theme.
Different poses of elephant can be very unique and the choice is yours to make so that amazing in featuring great look and feel in the room. Indian elephant for instance, it has unique design with accessories just like the real Indian elephants in life. Grey elephant decal is one thing and you can choose to have colorful ones for more hilarious design and decor.
Small kids’ room is perfect to have white walls with grey elephant decal for nursery and to create spacious impression. Neutral gender is one of the benefits. Showing your kids an exotic animal will be just interesting to add interest to the room. Browse gallery of pictures for some ideas about elephant nursery decals.

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